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How to place an order by phone or fax:

-With credit cards.

To order call 7days a week,8AM-4PM EST to 1-281-968-0493
or send a FAX to 1-530-685 5826

You should include the following information:

Your age over 18(Signature).

Name ,Delivery Address and Phone Number

Your choice :
-the Complete beginner system (5 lbs,hard copy books,price $182).
- the Complete Advanced package (8 lbs,hard copy books,Price $198).
-the Economy beginner system (5 lbs,e-books ,price $146).
- the Economy Advanced package (8 lbs,e-books,price $178).
Weightless Economy System.E-books.$116
Weightless Economy System.Hard Copy books.$138
-Both hard copy books(price $59.99).
-Both E-books by e-mail(price $39.95).
Attachment only with brief instructions(price $98).
-Extra 6 lbs of weights separately.(price $99.).

Your Shipment Choice(you must choose one):
-Third day Express Mail Worldwide(Any System).Add $49.99
-Registered Air Mail Worldwide(Only for weightless systems oe hard copy books).Add $26.99

Your e-mail address.

Your credit card type(Visa,American Express,Mastercard,Eurocard)

Your credit card number.

The expiration date of your credit card(MM/YY)

The number in the back of your credit card,near your signature.

Thank you for your interest...

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