Jelk,milking and similar massaging techniques.

The method called Jelq or milking is a technique that appeared in the penis enlargement scene in the late nineties.This is the ingenious idea: Let us create an exercise that will allow the candidate to be busy with his penis every day,creating in him the illusion that he is doing something to increase the size of it.While he is doing that useless exercise let as sell him a myriad of memberships to paid web sites,and products also useless (such as penis pills,penis pumps,and penis stretchers,you name it).
The commercial promoters of Jelq are resourcefull,clever and reckless ,and they created a "web" of false claims to entangle their potential clients which includes many so called "free" sites and forums that support Jelq as a legitimate method,making believe that even the "objective" free sites believe in that lousy waste of time and energy.
What is Jelq under any name?Is basically to grab your penis at its basis with an embrace of your thumb and forefinger,and squeeze forward till the embrace reaches the head of the penis.They claim that this forces blood into the penis tissue forcefully so that the size of the penis "corpus cavernosum" cells increases,generating an increase in penis size.Any medical doctor will tell you that this is nearly impossible.The goal of Jelq is to make you exercise with your penis without exerting a real strong stretch on it(which is the only action that would generate penis enlargement).
Jelq has generally two effects:1)a massaging effect which has no influence in penis enlargement and 2)a stretching effect,which has an outcome on penis lengthening which is proportional with the tensile force applied and the time logged.
In this case we are talking about around or less that fifteen minutes a day(net stretching time of 60 minutes Jelking very vigorously),and a quite mild tensile force,so the enlarging effect is nill.With penis weights every hanging minute is a net stretching minute,and you also know the strength(weight) of the stretch is intense enough to generate penis enlargement.
Even if Jelq is useless,that does not mean real penis enlargement cannot take place while using only your hands:
The oldest and only by hand method that works is given to you right here:

The classical by hand stretching technique.

How does proper penis stretching work?It is based on the principle of action and adjustment of living tissue.The principle states that if you apply an action towards any living tissue,the organism will react changing to meet the challenge.In other words if you stretch your penis at the right intensity and with the proper means of holding the penis,the living tissue will go through the following two processess:1)Microscopic gaps between the penile tissue cells will be generated that are like small wounds,which in order to heal require the generation of new tissue cells(IN practical terms this translates into penis lengthening) and 2)The overall cross section of the penis(its girth or width) will have to increase so that the average tensile stress applied to a unit (a square inch) returns to an acceptable level(this would be the adjustment to an external action).Therefore the penis will also gain thickness.
Because of those two reasons,if you use stretching wisely,meaning the right grip of your penis,the right tensile stress,the right amount of time,the right precautions.In one word if you apply the correct penis enlargement stretching methodology,you will gain inches,both in length and girth.
By hand stretching is certainly the most widespread method of penis enlargement used.Millions use it at certain stage on life (mostly in the youth) to increase penis size.Yet the vast majority of penis enlargement seekers do not know it because this technique is father-sun word of mouth transmitted among the "initiated".Our service to you is to disclose this simple,yet powerful technique.

It consists on grabbing the penis with one hand,in such a way that your pinkie finger exercises pressure upon the glans (the head) of your penis,and all the other fingers press against the shaft of it,and once you grabbed it like this,you pull the hand away from the body,applying a tensile stress on the penis.
Do not be concerned about how exactly to grab the penis.Is a matter of experience.The idea is that you grab the penis in any way you find comfortable and stretch it by pulling away from the body.The gains will be linearly proportional to the amount of time that you hold the penis under tensile stress.Many people do it in bed ,one hour before going to sleep and one our before leaving bed.This system works,although slowly,is safe and obviously inexpensive.
You could achieve gains of less than 1/3 of an inch per year average if you pull 2 hours a day.Those gains will vary from individual to individual and their cumulative effect is felt after 10 or 15 years.This is obviously not a quick fix or even a reasonably fast method but it works as a lifetime quest,and as such it is being used by millions on a daily basis to ensure slow but sure gains.
It is essential to point out that the hand stretch does not work for everybody,apparently having to do with the personal ability to get a "good grip" that ensures that the force acting upon the penis is strong enough to be of any use.This ability is called also "good luck".
In order to get a large penis,in some point you need a minimal amount of good luck.How can you tell when you are getting lucky and when you are getting ripped off?For a discussion about real good penis enlargement luck go to PENISLUCK.COM...
Here we come across the basic principle of results in penis enlargement,and it is "apply enough tensile force to stretch the penis during enough time and you will see results".


By now you must ask yourself if there is a stretching method that acts similarly to the stretching by hand,but with increased intensity,that is safe,and still much quicker than stretching by hand,that has been designed for standalone use(not after surgery) and does not have any of the drawbacks of the stretching devices discussed in the "Weights" section of our site.The answer here luckily is yes.
The Penis Weights System by Optimal will do the job safely and at a much quicker pace.It has an attachment of the weights to your penis (a hanger) which allows to use the maximal amount of force possible for the longest periods of time necessary.You will gain at least one inch in six months while training from 45 minutes a day,five times a week.The system includes everything needed to succeed:excelent steel penis weights,the patented attachment of weights to your penis,and a complete 106 pages single spaced comprehensive penis enlargement manual with all the knowledge necessary to use the equipment to gain inches fast ,and become a dream lover,and truly self confidentin bed and everywhere else.With the Penis Weights from Optimal I gained 2 inches in 9 months.
So you have three alternatives:
1)Accept your penis size as it is and look for your right sexual partner.

2)Use the hand stretching technique brought here for slow yet real results.

3)Use The Optimal Penis Weights for faster safe real penis enlargement.It worked for me,and thousands of others.

Whatever your decision,I certainly wish you luck,and the ability to change for the better things that can be changed,and accept all others,and most of all the wisdom to discern among them…

My name is Gustav Gilmore,and I am not only the founder of Optimal,but I am also a satisfied client.I was once in the same position you are right now.Wanted a bigger penis. Looked everywhere to find a way to fulfill my burning desire to become a dream lover.
First I tried to find a quick fix:a penis enlargement substance(today the scams relate to penis pills and patches).I discovered that the most a substance can do is to temporarily improve erections,but never increase the physical size of the penis.
Then you have the natural exercise hoax(make a search in Webmd under Jelq for a medical opinion on natural exercises for penis enlargement)that is a waste of time with zero results .Milking will not enlarge your penis even in 100 years.All those natural penis enlargement exercises are diverse versions of the Original exercise Jelq.Now jelq is a middle eastern language word meaning MASTURBATION.Do you think that masturbation enlarges the size of your penis?Many people that I know would be adult film starlets if that was right.But they still have not achieved any gains in years and years of masturbating,and they never will.Even if there is a large amount of sites offering those exercises,and many thousands of people have paid for those useless programs,the hard facts are conclusive:natural penis enlargement programs do not enlarge your penis,even when they claim that they are more than Jelq.If you want to enlarge your penis with your hands,just stretch it as much as you can(you don't need any memebership to any paid site for that),but remember that only a small percentage succeed to achieve any enlagement by hand stretching,and those rare achievements come after many years of hand stretching.
Pumps are able to temporarily enlarge you penis into an erection,but the result banishes in minutes outside the pump and there is never a permanent increase.
I certainly concluded that there is no quick fix when it comes to enlarge your penis.
It is natural that whenever we are facing a challenge,we try first to find a shortcut solution to it and If taking a pill would deliver inches,hey! why looking for anything else?.But it does not.So I tried all the quick fix alternatives.Was it a waste of time?Not necessarily.It was education.It was a part of the self selective process that will eventually lead to cluster the winners out of the large mass of candidates.
Everybody wants a big cock.Is everybody able to achieve a big cock?Hell no!Who will be the lucky few that will succeed?Those that will cross the gate that many avoid with endless excuses,and enter the unknown boldly.Because a big dick is coming only to the brave...
Because is common knowledge that human living tissue can be enlarged using external physical force upon it (Indonesian tribes enlarge the neck of women for their definition of beauty by wearing tight necklaces, the lips of many African tribesmen are enlarged by introducing increasingly larger objects in them.Even our own occidental medicine uses controlled traction as a means to enlarge limbs,legs and arms,of very short individuals),I had the certainty that it can be done.The question was how.
Then I came across a photograph of an Hindu Sadhu hanging a rock from his penis,and another one showing a dick that was not less than 12 inches long.I had the certainty that it is possible.I saw it done!I run home and started hanging things from my penis every way possible.
After over three years of trial and error (from 1992 till 1995) and continuous research I got lucky:I invented the Optimal method with weights.It is a method to safely and efficiently attach weights to the penis so that it grows in length and girth.Then in 9 months I made just over 2 extra inches in length with an increase in girth of over 30 percent.I had made it!
Some people think that penis weights may lengthen your penis,but they will also make it thinner.This is not true.If you stretch a piece of rubber,it becomes longer,but it also becomes thinner,because the amount of matterial in the rubber stays constant during the process.When stretching living tissue,it certainly becomes longer,but it not only does not become thinner,but it actually becomes thicker than the original(this has been observed by occidental medicine when applying traction to arms and legs in order to lengthen them).This happens because when stretching living tissue,an increase in total matter takes place(many new cells are generated) .In other words,after stretching the amount of "meat" is much greater than before,making the penis not only longer,but also thicker.
There are no muscles in the penis,and penis stretching is very different from exercising muscles with weights.In the case of muscles development by way of weights training,you increase muscle size and power TEMPORARILY by challenging it with exercise intencity,in such a way that the size of the muscle cells increases(while the number of cells remains the same.No new cells are generated).If you stop training,the size of the muscle cells will decrease back to its original size,loosing any mass gains that came from weights training.
In the case of penis stretching,the size of the cells remains the same,but a large number of new cells are generated,and they will remain even when you stop stretching the penis with weights,therefore making the gains by way of weights penis stretching,PERMANENT.
About penis weights being painful or dangerous:if you try your luck without a well tested and proven methodology,and you do not use a safe and comfortable hanger of the weights to your penis (a hanger),of course it will hurt and it may even harm you.For example any hanger based on any noose of any sort,straps and laces or a sandwich like device tend to slip under weights heavy enough to generate real penis enlargement.If you try to tighten them strong enough not to slip they become unbearably painful or even harming.My discovery was exactly addressed to that point:the development of a relatively comfortable painless method to attach weights to the penis safely and efficiently.There cannot be enlargement with discomfort,because nobody in his sane mind would agree to follow such a method long enough to achieve substantial penis size increase.Nevertheless there are persistent rumors whose source is the disinformation deliberately planted by the penis pills ,pumps and Jelq membership sites commercial providers that basically try to scare you away from penis weights.This disinformation of the rip-off artists of bogus penis enlargement methods fulfill the role that mother nature intends,by constructing a fear and confusion barrier between the penis enlargement seeker and its desired objective.You need to have what it takes to handle those lies,and cross the fear barrier in order to achieve real penis enlargement using the proper penis weights system.Otherwise you will just wonder from one bogus penis enlargement technique to the next one,without ever gaining the inches you want.You will be just lying to yourself,and making the rip-off artists richer.

The decision to try penis weights hanging is a large step forward,but as explained below in great detail,the key issue is to choose the proper system of penis weights,without getting carried away by penis stretching alternatives that will lead you nowhere while making you waste months or even years of your life without any results,jeopardizing your whole quest for a bigger penis,and pushing you even deeper into the avid hands of the rip-off specialists.Particularly do not be tempted to waste your time and motivation in any hanger based on any noose of any sort,straps and laces or a sandwich like device that may look promising on paper to the uninformed but will in over 99 percent of the cases not enlarge your penis whatsoever.If you decide to try because it is free,remember that nothing worthwhile is free.When you get something for nothing always ask yourself why.May be someone is trying to confuse you into believing and trusting in the most cynical marketing Jelq based operation ever perfected by the modern snake-oil salesmen?Couldn't they be trying to buy your confidence for free pieces of broken glass that pretend to be diamonds,so that once you believe them you will be separated from your money helplessly?
I patented the system,and decided to help those with a desire to increase their penis size,no matter what their initial size is,to achieve their goals,exactly as I did.We now also sell the hanger only (no weights) for a low price affordable to all.
You got lucky today,that you have found our Internet site,because it means that you do not need to walk in the dark for months or even years re-inventing the wheel.You get it all done for your safety and convenience from Optimal!Penis enlargement is possible.It is called the Optimal System with weights!


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