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Free Penis Enlargemet Forums HOAX.How they rip you off...

Another Testimonial...
They attract the uninformed with seemingly generous free penis enlargement info,which leads to nothing else than sophisticated promotion and marketing of jelq,pills and phony extenders RIP-OFF...
Because the administrator of a forum has complete control on whatever appears in the forum,and you never know who is hiding behind a user name,this is an ideal set-up for the most sophisticated disinformation marketing scheme imaginable.Unfortunately many believe that if you want to enlarge your penis and you try to get help in doing so you are an idiot.That it is perfectly natural for them to take advantage of you,to make you waste your time with absolutely useless activities,and to sell to you absolutely useless products and devices.They laugh at you and get rich at the same time.
The penis enlargement forums at the mid 90's were useful,and their information valuable,but then something happened to some of their administrators and leading members.
Once they discovered almost accidentally that many people develop a dependency with penis enlargement forums,they invented the phony technique called Jelq,which is completely useless and has been developed during the late 90's by those dubious entrepreneurs in order to idiotize the penis enlargement seekers into doing whatever they tell them to,so that once brutalized enough they will be easily separated from their money with promises of big gains waiting inside their paid membership sites,inside the fancy boxes of their useless extenders,or in their useless penis enlargement "supplements".
Their narrative tries to compare those products and activities "naturally" with physical fitness,weightlifting,aerobics and so on.The comparison is cynical and phony because there is absolutely no connection between muscle development and food supplements that have been proved by objective and scientific research to work,and penis enlargement where there is absolutely no objective body of knowledge.
All those free online penis enlargement manuals and "educative" sites contain pure nonsensical and useless information mixed with pure hype whose only purpose is to create "laundering" of useless methods and techniques which will ,later on in your process of phony penis enlargement indoctrination be eventually offered to you in deluxe editions for a fee.
They will also tell you that there are "good" penis pills,and "bad" penis pills when in fact only those that have been brainwashed by their penis enlargement disinformation or are particularly naive will not realize that no pill will enlarge your penis ever.
Those wreckless individuals take no prisoners.What could be more devastating and malign for you: the penis enlargement seeker than someone that overwhelms you with disinformation cleverly concealed as free penis enlargement techniques and support leading to the purchase of useless penis enlargement "natural" sites that are their source of income(you do not need anyone to give you the hoax Jelq technique for a fee,because if you want to stretch your penis by hand,just go ahead and do it as much as you can.You do not need paid instructions for that,only common sense),or equally useless penis pills of any brand,or the pretty looking yet useless too extenders that will not enlarge your penis not even a little bit in a lifetime(they slip off!)or vacuum based traction devices that,guess what?Are useless too(at forces strong enough to enlarge your penis they produce blisters).They graciously pass from the free crap to the paid services and goods telling you "if you get so much for free,imagine what you get if you pay!",or by "discussing" and "reviewing" possitively programs,products and devices that are sold by them in seemingly non-connected sites that they operate under other names..The truth is you got absolutely nothing useful for free but hype,and you will not get a thing in the paid chapter either.Some of the leading paid membership sites selling natural penis enlargement exercises are involved in this dishonest marketing scam(beware!).
Next time you get something for free(such as fancy and costly free websites and forums) ask yourself the obvious question:who is trying to sell me what, how and why!
This is the personal opinion of someone that surfed the net for years looking for real penis enlargement,and learned the hard way what does not work,and who is laughing at you all the way to the bank.The conclusion is use your brains and do not surrender your trust to those that try to manipulate you.Question everything.Learn how to discern between hype and truth.

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