To give you an idea of the equipment we provide and the prices for them,here is our best seller:

The $149.99 SIZEWARRIOR Penis Weights Hanger With 8 lbs of hammerstone steel penis weights(not cheap painted weights),all the required accessories and Free USA,UK and Canada shipping.

For a limited time USA,UK and Canada delivery addresses only: if you order any system with 8 lbs you get 2 extra lbs of weights free of charge(10 lbs).We sell the SIZEWARRIOR hanger without weights for $85 and the FOOTPLUS hanger without weights for $48 both with free shipping anywhere.10 extra pounds of our excelent Hammerstone penis weights cost you $46 with free delivery to USA,UK and Canada addresses.

This is the SIZEWARRIOR HANGER in action or on its own:

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This is the FOOTPLUS HANGER in action or on its own:

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Now that you have a general idea of what we provide,the following discussion will explain the essence of why us and not the other guys:

The reason why NOOSE,LACE and SANDWICH(2 sided devices) HANGERS slip and hurt is because they engage the penis shaft on a PARTIAL EMBRACE or in other words only contact partially the surface of the penis shaft.

Therefore all the weight hanged is applied to only a part of the shaft's circumpherence and a smaller part of its length. My HANGERS :the SIZEWARRIOR,THE FOOTPLUS AND THE OPTIMAL(which is a pair of FOOTPLUS devices ,small and large)EMBRACE THE WHOLE SHAFT CIRCUMPHERENCE and MUCH MORE OF ITS LENGTH. The outcome is that the weight per square inch of contact is drastically lower with my hangers. That means COMFORT AT HIGHER WEIGHT with a much bigger NUMBER OF HANGING SETS AS REQUIRED FOR REAL PENIS ENLARGEMENT .

VACUUM HANGERS expose the penis head to air vacuum that will make it blister and bleed at the NECESSARY WEIGHT AND NUMBER OF SETS.


For a vast amount of further info about penis weights hanging read below or follow the links in the menu above.

Why penis weights work...

Since times immemorial ,people where unsatisfied with their penis size and wished it would be larger ,both in length and girth(width).Not only did they want a larger penis ,but they DID SOMETHING about it even thousands of years ago.The oldest method of penis enlargement known to humanity is traction with WEIGHTS.
The Indus Sadhus,as well as many African tribes (for example in Uganda) used rocks and other means to hang from their penis as a way to enlarge it,with incredible successful results,and their skillful techniques were passed from generation to generation.Many Sadhus for example have reached a length of over 13 inches with full functionality of the penis(unlike some people claim,weights penis enlargement does not damage the penis or its functionality and potency in any way).They discovered also that penis enlargement with weights does not make the penis thinner either.The opposite is the truth,it makes its circumference bigger.

Common misconceptions

If you stretch a piece of rubber,it becomes longer,but it also becomes thinner,because the amount of matterial in the rubber stays constant during the process.When stretching living tissue,it certainly becomes longer,but it not only does not become thinner,but it actually becomes thicker than the original.This happens because when stretching living tissue,an increase in total matter takes place(many new cells are generated).In other words,after stretching the amount of "meat" is much greater than before,making the penis not only longer,but also thicker.
About penis weights being painful or dangerous:if you try your luck without a well tested and proven methodology,and you do not use a safe and comfortable attachment of the weights to your penis (a hanger),of course it will hurt and it may even harm you.For example any hanger based on any noose of any sort,straps and laces or a sandwich like device tend to slip under weights heavy enough to generate real penis enlargement.If you try to tighten them strong enough not to slip they become unbearably painful or even harming.The OPTIMAL discovery was exactly addressed to that point:the development of a relatively comfortable painless method to attach weights to the penis safely and efficiently.There cannot be enlargement with discomfort,because nobody in his sane mind would agree to follow such a method long enough to achieve substantial penis size increase.Nevertheless there are persistent rumors whose source is the disinformation deliberately planted by the penis pills ,pumps,useless stretchers and Jelq membership sites commercial providers that basically try to scare you away from penis weights.This disinformation of the rip-off artists of bogus penis enlargement methods fulfill the role that mother nature intends,by constructing a fear and confusion barrier between the penis enlargement seeker and its desired objective.You need to have what it takes to handle those lies,and cross the fear barrier in order to achieve real penis enlargement using the proper penis weights system.Otherwise you will just wonder from one bogus penis enlargement technique to the next one,without ever gaining the inches you want.You will be just lying to yourself,and making the rip-off artists richer.
The decision to try penis weights hanging is a large step forward,but as explained below in great detail,the key issue is to choose the proper system of penis weights,without getting carried away by penis stretching alternatives that will lead you nowhere while making you waste months or even years of your life without any results,jeopardizing your whole quest for a bigger penis,and pushing you even deeper into the avid hands of the rip-off specialists.Particularly do not be tempted to waste your time and motivation in any hanger based on any noose of any sort,straps and laces or a sandwich like device that may look promising on paper to the uninformed but will in over 99 percent of the cases not enlarge your penis whatsoever.It is easy to claim results and present false achievement figures as testimonials selling useless hangers and devices.You need to check out how long have the websites been in business (if you do a Whois in our flagship website NEWOPTIMAL.COM you will see that we created it in 1998).You need to talk with them in the phone and use all your senses to judge who you are dealing with.Otherwise you will come back to us in a while after your own experience with phony hangers corroborates our warnings.We will be still waiting to you.
A description of how and WHY Penis weights WORK.

How does weight penis stretching work?It is based on the principle of action and adjustment of living tissue.The principle states that if you apply an action towards any living tissue,the organism will react changing to meet the challenge.In other words if you hang weights from your penis at the right intensity and with the proper means of attachment,the living tissue will go through the following two processess:1)Microscopic gaps between the penile tissue cells will be generated that are like small wounds,which in order to heal require the generation of new tissue cells(in practical terms this translates into penis lengthening) and 2)The overall cross section of the penis(its girth or width) will have to increase so that the average tensile stress applied to a unit (a square inch) returns to an acceptable level(this would be the adjustment to an external action).Therefore the penis will also gain thickness.
Because of those two reasons,if you use weights penis enlargement wisely,meaning the right attachment of weights to your penis,the right weight,the right amount of time,the right precautions.In one word if you apply the correct penis enlargement with weights methodology,you will gain inches,both in length and girth.

Does any penis stretching device work?

Do not make the mistake to assume that any device or method based on traction will bring about real results.Those are the reasons why you must choose a dependable (no noose , sandwich like or Vacuum based)penis WEIGHTS method,and not get carried away by methods that do not deliver real penis enlargement:
1-The attachment of the penis to the traction device must be comfortable and heavy duty(meaning take forces strong enough to produce enlargement).Devices based on a surgical tube (noose , sandwich like),double noose at the end that is supposed to tie up the penis just under its head do not work because at tensions intense enough to produce penis enlargement real gains they let the penis slip out of their grip.This means that you have to use the device at a gentle tension incapable of producing real enlargement.Severe pain has been experienced while attempting to produce a stronger grip in order to increase tension intensity to a really working level,so much so that it becomes impossible by any means to increase the strength of the stretch so that it could actually induce penis enlargement.(This is true for all the penis extenders sold today in the market.Beware of fancy looking,yet useless gadgets!).
Similarly, stay away from attachments in which the penis profile is flattened by lateral compression (sandwiched by two flat or cilindrical pieces united with a screw or string as some home made devices are), or from attachments based on rubber wrapping,insulating tubing or Velcro.Velcro cannot connect confortably to your penis weight big enough to increase your penis size.You will be wasting your time because due to the discomfort created by those attachments you will not be able to apply traction forces strong enough, and to exercise long enough, to produce any real penis enlargement.Remember: a penis weights system must bring about results.Your precious time and energy are worth something too.Don't get involved with an attachment that doesn't have a clear record of safe results,such as any home made attachment,even if someone wants to give it to you for free!
2-All attachments based on VACUUM produce blisters that limit the amount of weight that can be used to a small weight, preventing the achievement of permanent penis enlargement.Remember,only heavy weights can produce measurable penis enlargement.From this point of view VACUUM attachments of the penis to weights are not any better than the traditional surgical tube (noose , sandwich like)attachment of the penis extenders that miserably fail to deliver inches.Particularly but not only traction methods that use vacuum devices that hold the penis mostly by the head,almost without holding the shaft area affected by surgery ,and have been invented and developed for after surgery use, do not work,because at weights big enough to produce real results,they bring about blisters and wounds in the tip of the penis head,turning the method itself useless as a standalone method of penis enlargement.The OPTIMAL PENIS WEIGHTS attachment,because embraces the shaft of the penis directly(without using vacuum),and has been developed for use without surgery,gets a much stronger hold of the shaft,and can allow more intensive loads with comfort and safety than any of those methods by up to twice as much.In short: stay away from any weights method that uses VACUUM atachment to the penis because you will be wasting your time.Those that already tried know exactly what we mean.
3-Devices that are supposed to be used while working during the day for prolonged periods of time,or at night while sleeping for example,produce no gains either:tensile forces big enough to produce penis enlargement require training periods no longer than 15 to 20 minutes,and then ten minutes rest.In other words,if it looks too good to be true,it certainly is.No penis enlargement device based on traction that brings about real results can be used for more than 20 minutes without a break of at least 5 to 10 minutes.This is due to the fact that at forces strong enough to generate penis enlargement,the body needs a relief every twenty minutes or less to ensure proper blood irrigation of the penis.Therefore all those systems that are claimed to be used while working under your regular clothes,work at forces that are under the minum required to enlarge your penis.Those gadgets are a hoax that delivers no results whatsoever.A blantant lie.

In order to get a large penis,in some point you need a minimal amount of good luck.How can you tell when you are getting lucky and when you are getting ripped off?For a discussion about real good penis enlargement luck go to PENISLUCK.COM...
Introducing The OPTIMAL PENIS WEIGHTS SYSTEM(time to get lucky!)

The Optimal Penis Enlargement System with weights is no more and no less than the proper way to hung weights from your penis.For the full story of how it was developed,click TESTIMONIAL in your upper left.It has all the necessary properties to exercise weights penis stretching to the maximal extent possible both in weight intencity,and in time span,to ensure the fastest penis growth available today anywhere,and is simple and affordable.It comes with a 106 pages (single space) Penis Enlargement Manual with all the information about how to take advantage of the Optimal system,and many more techniques and tips necessary to succeed in your search for a bigger penis.We provide lifetime support.In order to make sure that money is not the problem,the patented device is now also sold by itself(no weights)at a price affordable to all.
In fact people that tried other methods before,such as those described above,or "do it yourself" experiments are the most appreciative of the comfort of our attachment because they can compare.Confort is essential because it allows the intencity necessary to generate real penis enlargement.It is the difference between results,inches,and nothing.They may regret not having tried Optimal before,but better late than never.

Our rate of success is so overwhelming that we provide to the purchasers of any complete advanced system a results guarantee.Right,if you use the system according to the instructions for six months,and you do not achieve at least one inch of erect permanent gain in length with an increase in girth,you are entitled to return the equipment (not the literature)for a refund(shipping and handling not included).Given the personal nature of the intended use of the system,no other returns or refunds are allowed.
We also provide e-mail support for any questions regarding the system to our customers.
In case of need you can talk by phone with a live person any time too.We disclose our identity and we allow direct contact with our clients.
For anyone with any penis size ,the Optimal System will allow you to achieve the following goals:

-Permanent lengthening of your penis of an additional 1 up to 4 inches guaranteed.

-Permanent Increase in the thickness of your penis by up to 35%.

-Turn a curved penis (peyronie's disease) into a normal one.

-Improve general sexual performance and prolong duration of sex.

All those goals will be achieved with from 45 minutes hanging time a day 5 times a week with the system and the methods and techniques explained in great detail in the Optimal Manual,in the privacy of your home.
Optimal was founded by Gustav Gilmore in 1997,and since then thousands of users (many of them by medical advice) have been taking advantage of the Optimal System.Thousands of winners that did something real to take their lives into their own hands,upon the success and achievements of which we praise ourselves to offer the only real work horse of penis enlargement.


We have developed several penis weights systems.
Check them out to find the right one for you:


For the SIZEWARRIOR Special Offers an information Page.CLICK HERE.

Upon the basis of the many years of experience with the classical Optimal weights system, we developed the sophisticated SIZEWARRIOR which allows comfortable use of the attachment of weights to your penis and is the ultimate penis weights attachment available.Our top of the line.You can choose your SIZEWARRIOR size between 3 sizes,that cover any initial erect penis size from 3" to 8 1/2".The SIZEWARRIOR is sold in complete packages that include one device the size of your choice,instructions, accessories(wrapping materials and a chain to hold the weights) and 8 Lbs of steel weights for $198 with Express shipping or $149.99 with free shipping(USA addresses,after discount using the discount code "12345678",and packages without the weights(device,accessories and instructions) for $107 with express shipping or $85(using code "12345678") with free USA addresses shipping.See all the options in the link immediately below:

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Since 1997 the workhorse of penis enlargement.Along the years of experience,we perfected the most efficient penis weights device.The most affordable yet most effective system to enlarge your penis with weights,and also the most popular,used by thousands of satisfied clients which accomplished their most important goal in life,by using the Optimal system.Any Classical Optimal system comes with two devices that cover any initial erect penis size from 3" to 7".(you don't have to choose,it comes with both)
The OPTIMAL systems are sold in complete packages that include 2 standard devices (a smaller one and a larger one covering any initial erection from 3 to 7 inches)2 Books,accessories(wrapping materials and a belt to hold the weights), and 8 lbs of steel weights for $162 including express USA addresses shipping.The OPTIMAL systems are sold without weights too or with e-books versions of the books which are more conveniently priced. Currently there are further discounts as you will see in the link immediately below:

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Both systems are comfortable,efficient and allow the maximal weight stretch possible with any system whatsoever,and therefore fast and sure results(both carry a results guarantee).They both come with custom steel weights,and necessary accesories,as well as printed material with detailed instructions,but can be purchased without weights too.

Both the Classical OPTIMAL and The SIZEWARRIOR are top of the line.The classical Optimal can be bought with the "Optimal Penis Enlargement Manual",and "The twelve secrets of penis enlargement" two exclusive penis enlargement books(together around 200 pages of no nonsense must read penis enlargement material,not available anywhere else),that cover everything you wanted to know about penis enlargement and you did not dare to ask.The SIZEWARRIOR comes with an instructions book that includes also photographs illustrating its use.Both systems are the two most efficient and comfortable way to hang heavy weights from your penis(some of our customers report to have hanged over 20Lbs of weight with comfort).It is difficult to choose between them because they are both top of the line,but you should check out the links above to see what conbination of features is the one that meets your needs and your budget.Nevertheless if you can afford the SIZEWARRIOR,then go for it because the majority of people that used them both claim the SIZEWARRIOR is easier to use.Still many of them claimed they prefer the OPTIMAL system because of the same reason and also because you get two devices of different sizes for the price of one,so you may prefer to have them both to decide for yourself which one is the best for you.Because of popular demand we created the mixed SIZEWARRIOR-OPTIMAL complete package.


Cannot choose between both systems?Want them both?Now you can have them for a special reduced price(for a limited time only) and with FREE THIRD DAY INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS DELIVERY!!!
This is what you get:

1)A hard copy of the Optimal Penis Enlargement Manual(with all the techniques of penis enlargement that you will not find anywhere else explained in great detail)
2)The Optimal patented attachment of weights to your penis.
3)Eight lbs of custom first class steel penis weights(not available anywhere else)
4)A hard copy of the book "The twelve secrets of penis enlargement".
5)A SIZEWARRIOR device the size of your choice.
6)The six months results guarantee for both devices.
7)International third day express delivery .
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The FOOTPLUS Weightless System
If it ever cross your mind to attempt a home made solution to hanging weights from your penis,our advice is don't(it will take you years to find a thing that really works,if you are very very lucky,say one in one thousand),but if you are only interested in spending as little as posible in something that will work right the way,we have something cheaper than a do it yourself hanger that actually works.

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